NEW Straight-Wrap

Straight-wrap Insulation is 3” or 4” wide, jacketed ½” or 1/8” thick insulation. It can be wrapped around equipment to provide temporary insulation or emergency insulation on critical equipment. It is made of the same high quality materials as all Straight Line Insulation blanket products. Learn More

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Straight Line Insulation I, L.P is a family and employee owned company, whose management has over 75 years of experience combined. We hold safety and commitment at our highest priority. Our administrative and operational staff commits itself to offering quality work, professionalism and personal attention on every project.  All of our employees hold a government issued TWIC card which allows us to work on refineries, Ports, the entire gulf coast, and all over the continental US. We are available on weekends and after hours. Please visit us at

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NEW Aerogel Insulation System

aerogelNow we have the new Aerogel insulation system developed by NASA. This insulation material can be apply to Standing Seam Paneling System, Removable Blankets, and Piping Insulation. The material is thinner than most other insulation materials and performs the same or better job at higher temperatures. It is also water proof..Find out more at

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