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Strong Seam™ - Tank Insulation System

   Strong Seam™ paneling Systems is ideal for all types of vessels including large, flat-bottomed tanks used for storage of materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and require a covering of insulation and jacketing to reduce heat loss or gain.

  • Standing Seam
  • Standing Seam

Strong Seam™

Aluminum Strong Seam™ Paneling System

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Strong Seam™ Paneling System

Galvanize Roof System

Why this system is cheaper?

   Scaffolding elimination, on most applications, a climbing basket (work cage) suspended from the tank's center nozzle or painters lug permits a Standing Seam system to be installed without the need for scaffolding. Also the machine-formed standing seam that bonds adjacent panels together. This weatherproof seam extends the entire height of the tank and is also used on the panels that make up the insulated tank roof. Captured within this double-locking seam are retaining clips that attach the panels to steel cables, which are securely wrapped around the circumference of the tank.

   Panels are fabricated by laminating insulation material to a preformed jacket. Insulation can be made up of one or more insulating materials. Jacket materials used are industry standards. Insulation panel cladding will be constructed of 0.024-inch (0.61 mm) thick embossed aluminum, 24" wide (609 mm), and to the height of tank sidewall. (Different Colors Available) The specified insulation material will be laminated to the panel cladding in our Houston shop.

   Insulation materials suited for lamination are: Polyisocyanurate foam with a foil vapor barrier on both sides, Fiberglass board or blanket, Cellular glass, Mineral wool board or blanket.

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Standing Seam