Sewn Removable Blanket's

   Removable insulation blankets are custom designed and fabricated for each individual item. A close contour fit is essential for a neat appearance and proper thermal performance. Multiple piece construction is frequently required for most applications.

    Insulated blankets or pads are commonly used in industrial facilities to cover flanges, valves, expansion joints, heat exchangers, pumps, turbines, tanks, and other irregular surfaces. The pads are flexible and vibration resistant and can be used with equipment that is horizontally or vertically mounted or that is difficult to access. Any high temperature piping or equipment should be insulated to reduce heat loss, emissions, and improve safety. As a general rule, any surface that reaches temperatures greater than 100°F should be insulated to protect personnel. Insulated blankets or pads can be easily removed for periodic inspections or maintenance, and replaced as required. SLI can also build blankets with acoustical barriers to help with noise control. All blankets have an identification stainless steel tag.


Level Gauge Instrument Blankets can be design in any custom size to maintain and meet thermal specifications. They can be fabricated using different insulation material with accordance of thermal specification.

Another example of Level Gauge Instrument Blankets. These custom designed level gauge blankets are designed with a window to easily view and monitor temperature while the instrument is protected from high level of heat. It's thermal performance can reduce 80% of surface heat exposure to employees and others. It is easy to install and re-use.

Instrument Cover Blanket can come in many different size and different thermal performance. They can be design with different insulation material and color cover.

PI - Pressure Indicator Blankets can also come in different sizes and color mat.They are normally fabricated with Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth that contains a special chemical resistant against water and oil.

Pipe Spool Color Blanket can be design in many different diameters, lengths, and material. Easy to remove, re-install and durable. Most beige color blanket covers are use in the west coast part of the country.

Bonnet & Valve Blanket is fabricated with 2 pieces which includes the valve cover that can be easily removed and re-install with Velcro® strips.

Heat Tracing Blankets designed to help maintain temperature in valves, flanges, instruments and more.

Cylindrical Heat Trace Blanket can be fabricated and use in many areas such as small vessels that might need to maintain or gain certain heat temperature.

Instrument Color Blanket are ideal when refineries or plants want to identify areas by section color. This dark green instrument blanket cover was specifically designed to assure thermal requirements as requested and at the same time meet their color coding.

Straight-wrap Insulation normally a 4" wide, jacketed " thick insulation. It can be wrapped around equipment to provide temporary insulation or emergency insulation on critical equipment. It is made of the same high quality materials as all Straight Line Insulation blanket products.Straight-wrap insulation is easily installed on complicated equipment. Simply wrap the equipment until completely covered. Easy-to-use ties effectively hold the insulation in place.